Christmas Songs and Carols Gift Collections

Christmas Classics Ltd. publishes exquisite Christmas songs and carols gift collections that entertain and educate customers who celebrate Christmas. The company was founded in 1999 by Ron Clancy, a leading expert on the stories and history of Christmas music. It began with a simple, though ambitious, objective: offer customers more for their Christmas music dollar. As a result of Ron Clancy’s passion to exceed anything that Reader’s Digest or Time-Life had to offer, the company has since provided customers with four extraordinary collections.

Three come in attractive boxed sets and a fourth collection, published by Sterling Publishing, is equal in depth and quality. All collections include a lavishly illustrated hardback book about the fascinating stories behind our favorite Christmas songs and carols, as well as a classic music CD/s with performances by world renowned choirs, orchestras, and vocalists. Color plates include magnificent period art and illustrations from some of the greatest artists of the Western world. Two collections come with Bonus Songbooks.

These unique collections of Christmas music stories, extraordinary art, and classic CDs are considered by customers, media, musicians, and professional journals alike as some of the finest assemblages of Christmas music ever produced.

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