Customer Testimonials

“The Millennia Collection” is the most complete and unique gathering of the music of the Christmas Season I have ever seen or heard. The included storybooks are fascinating, revealing how each song was written or created. Many products are marketed each year, designed to cash in on the Christmas season. “The Millennia Collection,” its music and stories, embodies the original meanings of December 25th, joy, peace, and good will toward men.

Rex Hauck – Atlanta, GA

Thank you for sending me your Christmas Music volume (Best-Loved Christmas Classics). It’s an exquisite collection, and it’s an honor to have you sign it for me. I am grateful to know someone who has put so much heart and soul into learning about this music. . . .Your work is of the highest quality.

Guitarist Phillip Lester – Bloomfield, NJ

First, let me say how much my whole family enjoyed the first three volumes of “The Millennium Collection.” We read all three books and listened to the CDs during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. They were beautifully assembled, and I have tremendous admiration for the job you’ve done here, especially the effort you made, as an industry outsider, to license all of the music, lyrics, and art. I’ll certainly be ordering future volumes as they appear and will pick up extra copies for gifts.

Don Leighty – Scottdale, PA

These books are the most beautiful I have ever seen! I can only imagine the countless hours of work that went into each one. Please put me on your customers’ list for next year. Merry Christmas!

Margie Cullen – Wildwood Crest, NJ

My father LOVES you’re MILLENNIA COLLECTION. He has been raving about the selection of music, the quality of the artwork, and the entire package itself. Your music is all we listened to today when we went to visit my parents! We can’t wait for the next release.

Lori Savino – Verona, NJ

The fabulous American Christmas Classics set arrived today. It’s beautiful… I’m sure my whole family will enjoy the gorgeous book and the CDs, especially my 90-year-old mother… I can’t wait to hear those familiar songs sung by those original folks – Gene Autry! Johnny Mathis! Kate Smith! Thank you so very much.

Judy Moser -Louisburg, KS

I want to tell you how moved and grateful I am for the work you went to in pulling this set (American Christmas Classics) together. My heart brims with love and nostalgia for the recorded Christmas songs of my childhood, along with the classic old-time illustrations. It’s after Christmas now, but I’m purchasing this as a gift to connect me with my childhood. Thanks so much for your work of love to yourself and the rest of us who long for what we knew and loved.

Anita Toliver – Bremerton, WA

I am writing to say how much I have enjoyed the first three releases in your series: (Best-Loved Christmas Carols, American Christmas Classics, and Children’s Christmas Classics). I am also writing to inquire how I will know when the rest of the series is ready for sale to the public. I don’t want to miss the rest of the series.

Kevin & Heidi Watters – Canton, OH

Thank you so much for these beautiful collections to give and enjoy! What fabulous collections!

Terri & Dennis Hall – Wildwood Crest, NJ

I purchased the first two volumes of your Christmas Books/CDs a few years ago. I collect both Christmas music and history-type Christmas books, and I’ve got to tell you that those volumes are TREMENDOUS!!! Absolutely FANTASTIC! I don’t have it yet, but I will be purchasing Volume III in the near future. I am writing to find out the time schedule for the release of the subsequent volumes. Please let me know the tentative dates for the release of volumes IV through IX. I would like to get an entire set for myself. Thank you very much!

Mike Ehnot – Imperial, PA

I received my order and just wanted to thank you for your time and effort in creating such a BEAUTIFUL Christmas music collection. The illustrations are gorgeous, and the music heavenly. Just the way Christmas music should be. I have wanted something like this for a long time. I just have not been able to find it.

Mary Ellen Bosetti – Marella Lighthouse Point, FL

Looking at the calendar, I realize that we will again be drawn into the Holiday Spirit before long. I want to let you know how these beautiful melodies have touched my heart and how much I enjoyed reading about the history behind each song. I consider “The Millennia Collection” a treasure for anyone. Please keep me informed of your new publications.

Mary Schorsch – Phoenix, AZ

We are thrilled to have such beautiful gifts for our special benefactors.

Sister Suzanne, St. Anthony’s Convent – Ambler, PA

I purchased AMERICAN CHRISTMAS CLASSICS after reading about it in The Baltimore Sun, and I love it! The book is beautiful, and the recordings are excellent. I’m sorry now that I didn’t buy the package with #1 and #2 at the special price, as I’d like to have Best Loved Christmas Carols as well.

Donna Lange – Port Republic, MD

Best-Loved Christmas Carols is not just a collection of Christmas songs and music; it is a classic treasure to be truly appreciated by people of all “ages and for all time.”

Bob Grasso – Cherry Hill, NJ

We thought that the first volume of Best Loved Christmas Carols was just wonderful, we played the CD Christmas Eve and all day on Christmas, the music was absolutely beautiful and it was such fun reading about each carol and where they originated from, it was quite a hit with our family, are there future volumes coming.

Michael and Karen Riegel – Cleveland, OH

As I gave my parents this gift of American Christmas Classics, I smiled as they opened it up. They were taken back at first trying to see exactly what their first born son had given them, and as the realization set in as to what they had in their hands, so did the memories of their children and those fun filled Christmas seasons. They thumbed through the book immediately pointing out pictures and cards they grew up to as children, and we did the same, reliving those great memories over again. I have always searched for these songs, but have always had such a difficult time finding them all together, and your collection has given me exactly what I was looking for, and my parents were so excited. They played the music for hours talking about songs they remember as children, and we also pointed out songs we remembered as we grew up. Even today in a world of too much pain and suffering, we can find comfort in music, and this collection has given my parents, and myself so much comfort and joy. It really is the best overall collection of the best Christmas music I grew up to as a child, and I want to thank you for creating such a gift. You have an amazing collection and we all look forward to adding more of them to our collection soon. Thanks you so much!

Rob Orstadius – Vernon Hill, IL

Seldom do I receive a gift that represents the heart and soul of the giver. Your books are a treasure, not only for my lifetime, but to be handed to generations of loved ones. The quality is superb and I appreciate the dedication involved in creating the treasure of illustrations and history of Christmas music. Just wonderful! Thank you for this very special gift.

Sonja Byrd Owner, Byrd Cookie Company – Savannah, GA

I recently ordered the Christmas Classics set (THE MILLENNIA COLLECTION) and received it yesterday. I want you to know how much I am enjoying it and what a wonderful collection of music it is! In addition, the books are beautiful and informative. I am so glad I purchased the entire set from you and I hope that others are able to buy this excellent product and appreciate it as I am! Thank you so much and have a blessed holiday season.

Kathy McCord Bennett – Murfreesboro, TN

My wife is particularly fond of the Christmas season and especially Christmas Carols. This past season I purchased BEST-LOVED CHRISTMAS CAROLS from you, as my “special” Christmas present for her. She loved the gift, the music and book explaining the origination of songs and customs. I want to thank you for your efforts in making this past Christmas season brighter.

Dale Smith – Houston, TX