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Producer of Quintessential Music Collections

Each collection features:

  • A lavishly illustrated book about the fascinating stories behind traditional and favorite Christmas carols and music, enhanced by museum art by famous artists and illustrators from Europe and America.
  • A nostalgic CD with performances by world-renowned choirs, orchestras, and vocalists, including original and historic recordings.
  • A soft-back songbook with stylish music scores (two collections only). A BONUS for those who love to go caroling or play the piano.
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Christmas Music

Experience cherished Christmas tunes through nostalgic CDs featuring performances by globally acclaimed choirs, orchestras, and vocalists. Each collection comes with a lavishly illustrated book and a jewel case for an enriched listening experience.

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Future Productions

One of the two most revered. and repeated prayers in all of Christendom, especially in the Catholic and traditional religions, the Hail Mary prayer and its story come in a lavishly illustrated hardback book accompanied by a beautiful music CD. Learn about this and other future productions from Christmas Classics.

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Christmas Calendars

Discover three exclusive seasonal calendars showcasing the birth dates of Christmas music composers, lyricists, and publishers. Each calendar features selected nostalgic and fine art to complement every month.

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