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Christmas Classics Ltd. Christmas Carol Gift Box Collections


Christmas Classics Ltd. was founded in 1999. Our mission: create unique Christmas carol and holiday song collections that provide customers with more content and much value for their purchasing dollar.

To accomplish that singular goal, it had already taken eleven years of dogged research in renowned libraries to study the origins of Christmas carols from the early days of Christianity up to the twentieth century.  To add magnificent illustration and color, the company founder eye-balled thousands of pages of fine art books, magazines, sheet music covers, and Victorian Christmas cards to select the appropriate image for each carol and holiday song. Then there were the years of endless correspondence with music publishers, museums, and record labels to secure the rights for usage of their material.

Eventually each Christmas carol gift box collection was designed, published, and featured the following:

Richly illustrated Books with period fine art and illustrations about the origins and fascinating stories behind traditional and favorite Christmas songs, carols, and music – includes magnificent works by great artists and illustrators of Europe and America.

Nostalgic CDs with performances by world-renowned choirs, orchestras, and vocalists – includes a number of original and historic recordings, especially for American Christmas Classics, and each collection’s CD/s come in its own jewel case for ease of use.

Soft-back Songbooks with stylishly designed music scores (two collections only). A BONUS for those who love to carol or play the piano.