Amazing Christmas Memories for World War II Veterans

December 7th, 2016

What makes for an amazing Christmas present for folks of “The Greatest Generation?”

For these wonderful grandparents, parents, and friends who bequeathed to us the Baby Boomer era, maybe an amazing gift is simply one that brings about a ready smile and a moist gleam in the eye. Maybe it is one that rekindles memories of their Christmas Past and comes wrapped with nostalgic pictures and favorite holiday sounds. (Think Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Scribner’s, The Saturday Evening Post, or Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Gene Autry and you get the picture.)

Maybe, just maybe, an amazing gift is one that stirs the emotional impulse of elderly veterans to reach out and tightly hug children and grandchildren.

Despite such a tender display, forever etched as a priceless moment in time, it may not mask the betrayal of strength that once allowed World War II veterans to wend their way through the years. With the dwindling of time, moreover, these cherished moments may become more rare, or lamented as lost opportunities, and even more so with the passing of 450 World War II veterans each day.

Today, the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, presents an opportunity to show your appreciation for our World War II veterans. If you are searching for an amazing Christmas present for your veteran loved ones, look no further. American Christmas Classics, a richly illustrated 2-in-1 Christmas music gift box collection, was dedicated to “The Greatest Generation” which gave so much and asked so little.

With YOUR PURCHASE of the amazing American Christmas Classics, or Best-Loved Christmas Carols, Ron Clancy and Christmas Classics Ltd. WILL MATCH IT BY DONATING our best-selling box sets to World War II veterans and military organizations that support them. Both are available here at


American Christmas Classics

American Christmas Classics

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Christmas Music Collections to Bring Cheer to Fisher Houses

December 5th, 2013

Before the recent government shutdown occurred, author Ron Clancy of Christmas Classics Ltd. decided to support the Fisher House Foundation. A great provider of free housing and comfort for military families in need of medical care, the reputable foundation will benefit from the sale proceeds of Christmas Classics Ltd.’s two lavishly illustrated Christmas music collections (see FISHER HOUSE: How Others Are Giving).

In addition Ron has agreed to donate Best-Loved Christmas Carols and American Christmas Classics, his company’s premier boxed collections, to Fisher Houses located across the country.

To help bring special joy to Fisher House military families, Ron (@xmasmusicman) asks his Twitter followers to pass on the word about Christmas Classics Ltd. exceptional collections. The purchase of these ideal Christmas gifts for family and friends will help the Fisher House Foundation and its corollary Fisher Houses in the following ways:

1)  25% of sale proceeds will be donated to the Fisher House Foundation;

2)  Christmas Classics Ltd. exquisite boxed collections will be donated to Fisher Houses across the country.

Please act today. Buy Christmas Classics Ltd. richly illustrated Best-Loved Christmas Carols and American Christmas Classics collections for your family and friends. Your purchase will go a long way to make this Christmas a truly memorable experience for those who have served our country so well and yet ask so little.

Today’s Video: The Story behind THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY


Christmas Classics PERSON OF THE DAY: William Bartholomew

August 18th, 2013

On this day in 1867, William Bartholomew died. He was noted for his English translations of many of Felix Mendelssohn’s German works, including Christus, an unfinished but superb oratorio.

A chemist by trade, as well as a painter, Bartholomew decided in 1822 to exclusively devote his time to writing lyrical versions of foreign texts. Mendelssohn much admired Bartholomew and his translating skills, and together they collaborated when the German master’s works were introduced in England, among which was the 1846 premiere of Mendelssohn’s more famous oratorio Elijah.

Bartholomew was also a composer of hymns, children’s songs, and produced his own oratorio titled The Nativity. The latter may have been influenced by the lamentable early death of Mendelssohn in 1847.

Two of the more remarkable fragments of Christus, a title given posthumously by Mendelssohn’s brother, Paul, and translated by William Bartholomew, related to the Nativity of Christ. They were the tenor recitative Where is the Newborn” and the choral recitative There Shall a Star from Jacob Come Forth.”

For those who have never heard the unfinished Christus, you should treat yourself and check it out this Christmas. You will learn why Mendelssohn, knowing death was near, wanted to husband his energy as best he could to finished these beautiful and moving recitatives. Bartholomew knew firsthand the brilliance of Mendelssohn’s last opus.

Christus Oratorio  sheet music cover

Christus Oratorio
sheet music cover